AMCI specializes in oil and gas pipeline monitoring using mesh technology and designs that minimize power consumption and maximize reliability.

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AMCI Interrupter

The AMCI Interrupter is a fully programmable; schedule interruption of a single or group of rectifiers from the website. The interrupter features an LCD display with preprogrammed functions (voltage, current, P/S voltage, AC power, battery voltage, signal strength, interruption parameters) to simplify installation and verify web settings When used in conjunction with the AMCI Smart Test Station, determine the influence of each rectifier on test points along the pipeline without the need of a site visit (see Test Point graph). Interrupter is a multipurpose remote monitor capable of functioning as a stand-alone monitor/data logger, mesh node and network gateway.

Surge Protection

AMCI interrupter incorporates the latest low power techniques (some of which are proprietary designs), which enable the unit to use the latest battery technology. It operates on a small nonhazardous rechargeable Li-Ion battery with an energy density of 2.6 AmpHrs. When not interrupting, the AMCI interrupter requires only a brief 1 to 15 minute connection to A/C power each day; statistically the surge risk is much lower, 90% to 99%, when compared with a unit requiring an always "on" connection. Surge risk is further reduced with relay isolation of 15,000V at the AC input. When isolating equipment from electrical surges such as lightning transients; the typical approaches using only MOVs (metal oxide varistor) and isolation transformers will not sufficient protection. Our equipment is TOTALLY disconnected from all power sources (except optional solar) for most of the day through high voltage relay isolation. To further isolate the interrupter, an inconspicuous 3 solar panel (optional) provides a reliable power source to recharge the battery. The solar panel and battery pack have a design life of 8-10 years under normal operating conditions.

Ample power is available for real time operation - receive commands, update calibration data, alarm trip points, reporting frequencies, upgrade software, upload data files and operate as data logger without supplemental power or compromising battery life.


The AMCI Smart Test Station is available with GSM/GPRS, CDMA, or satellite telemetry. The satellite telemetry is small and compact; no need for extra power supplies (i.e. many satellite transceivers have power consumption that can be 50 times greater); does not require special installation procedures.


The interrupter is completely configurable on the AMCI website - define input parameters, alarm trip points, alarm notification (email, voice, SMS), reporting frequency. Download data in a number file formats to facilitate importing into an existing database.

Technical Specifications

Cellular GSM /GPRS Quad Band - Part # MSH2301
Cellular CDMA - Part # MSH2302
Satellite Satellite - Part # MSH231
Operating Environment Temp: -35°C to +80°C Humidity: 0-95% non-condensing Humidity: 0-75% (satellite)
Power 120/240 VAC (freq 50-60 Hz) Line Power 12/25 VAC 12/35 VDC Current (No interruption) 5 VDC 1 mA Current (Interruption) 115 VAC 85.0 mA Solar Panel (optional): Recharges internal battery; 8-10 year battery life under normal operating conditions. Reserve power: +5 months of standby power.
Size 13.53"x11.55"x5.94". -Weather tight NEMA 4X
Inputs Reading Resolution Range
Voltage 5 mVDC 0-100 VDC
Current 50 µVDC 0-100 mVDC
Pipe-to-soil 5 mVAC 0-5 VAC
Relay Timing On / Off range 0.1 -100 sec. in 0.01 sec increments
Max timing error + / -1 mSec
GPS receiver updates. 1 Sec.
Relays Mercury and Solid Stare 100 Amp, 60 Amp (Mercury)
Website Parameters Data Logging
  Configure/define inputs Set logging frequency
  Interruption frequency/groups Set on/off interval
  Set alarm thresholds Select channels
  Select notification method Select Download Format
Base Station

Base Station